Szczur raising eyebrows

Matt Szczur was drafted in the 5th round on the 2010 draft by the Chicago Cubs. Besides being a great baseball players, Szczur was a standout wide reciever at Villanova. However, in January Szczur decided to give up football and focus on baseball and the Chicago Cubs.

Szczur was sent to the Peoria Chiefs, the lower single A affiliate for the Cubs. During his time there, Szczur hit an impressive .314 with 5home runs and 27 RBI. Also, Szczur also impressed with his base stealing ability. He stole 17 bases while being caught only 5times.

These impressive numbers in his first year in the Minor leagues, caught the attention of the Cubs and those around baseball. First, Szczur received news that he would be promoted to the Daytona Cubs, the higher level of single A for the Chicago Cubs. Next, Szczur was chosen to represent the Cubs in the Future’s game. When asked about his decision to stop playing football, Szczur said he has no regrets and is enjoying focusing on baseball.

Szczur was recently rated the #48 prospect by Baseball America


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