Cubs, GM Hendry busy as deadline approaches

The trade deadline is quickly approaching as we are now just 10days away. With the Cubs 21 games under .500, they are definitely not buyers this year. Cubs general manager will more than likely looking to add some young prospects to build towards the future.

The first player heard in trade rumors is Cubs right fielder, Kosuke Fukudome. According to sources the Indians are interested in Fukudome. The Indians are looking to add a right fielder after Shin Soo-Choo went down with an injury. The Cubs signed Fukudome in 2008 to a four year, 48million dollar contract. It is high unlikely that the Cubs would re-sign Fukudome if they can’t trade him this season.

The next player discussed in rumors is Cubs left fielder, Alfonso Soriano. The hard part for the Cubs is that Soraino is still owed a lot of money over the next three years. However, the Cubs may be willing to eat some of that money if they can get rid of him. Soriano could possibly fit in as a DH on a few American League teams.

The final player that has drawn a lot of attention is third basemen, Aramis Ramirez. Ramirez has been one of if not the hottest player the past month. He is now batting .302 on the year with 17homeruns. Multiple team would probably be interested in Ramirez if he is willing to waive his no trade clause. Over the past few months, Ramirez keeps telling reporters that he will no waive his no trade clause and he wants to stay with the Cubs.

Also Cubs center-fielder Marlon Byrd and bullpen pitcher Grawbow has received interest from teams.

It will be a long ten days for the Cubs and Cubs fans to see what GM, Jim Hendry will do.


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