Pujols expected to make decision soon

Tuesday– As constantly changing speculation of where Albert Pujols will “take his talents”, Chicago and Miami fans are reminded of the Lebron James saga that occurred in the summer of 2010. Ultimately, James choose Miami over other possibly destinations such as Chicago or his home town Cleveland Cavaliers.

Pujols has now been faced with an identical situation. Being the prized free agent of this year’s class, Pujols has drawn interest from many teams. However, the possible destinations have been narrowed down to the Miami Marlins, St. Louis Cardinals, Los Angeles Angels, and a long shot for the Chicago Cubs.

The Miami Marlins, who just added All-Star shortstop Jose Reyes to contract worth more than 100million dollars, are making a strong for push Pujols. With a new ballpark in a new location, Miami are looking to make an appealing team to draw fans in south Florida. The brass of Miami’s organization met with the agent of Pujols Tuesday Night to come up with a deal that would bring Pujols to South Beach. A no trade clause appears to be a key issue that is holding up a deal. Currently, Miami’s offer has been raised to 10 years over 200million.

The St. Louis Cardinals are also making a strong push to keep their MVP slugger. However, it appears that the Cardinals organization will not be willing to “over spend” on Pujols. He has spent all of his career in St. Louis so far and has won two World Series in his tenure there. But it appears that his reign as king of St. Louis might be coming to an abrupt end.

Besides the two front runners, the Angels and Cubs are still in talks to sign to Pujols. But they both appear to be long shots for a possible landing spot of Pujols.


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