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Taking the Easy Way Out.

After an embarrassing 9-1 loss to the Phillies, Quade yet again blames the two young guys on the team. Instead of blaming veterans like Pena, Soriano or Dempster today, Quade rips on the future of the Cubs, Starlin Castro and Darwin Barney.

In the top of the first inning, Castro and Barney lost a pop up to second base in the sun. received, Castro made the correct move of calling of second basemen Barney. Castro lost the ball in the sun and it fell on the infield dirt and it was ruled a hit. The phillies went on the score 2 in the inning after yet again another walk issued.

Later in the 4th inning, VETERAN first basemen Carlos Pena mis-played a Jimmy Rollins grounder and then made a bad throwing error on the play. The Phillies continue to add on runs and just flat out beat the Cubs in every category today.

Cubs VETERAN starter, Ryan Dempster did not have his stuff today and gave up most of his runs with 2 outs.
In the 7th inning, Cubs had the bases-loaded with nobody out. Cubs catcher Soto grounded into a fielder’s choice scoring a run. Then with runners on the corners, VETERAN left fielder, Soriano(who makes 17million dollars a year) grounded into an inning ending double play.

In his post game press conference, Quade only focused on the mistake of Castro and Barney in the first inning. The two young guys and the most consistent hitters all year for the Cubs received the blame. Quade failed to lay blame on veteran guys like Pena, Dempster and Soriano who all could’ve played better. And maybe Quade could look at himself. He continues to put Fukudome in the leadoff spot. Fukudome is now batting .269 on the season and just has not been producing. Instead of moving Barney or Castro in the leadoff spot, Quade has just left Fukudome there and keeps giving teams an easy out to start the game.

Its mind boggling how Quade can just sit there and lay the blame on youngsters Castro and Barney. Look at yourself and the veteran leadership on the ballclub, Quade.


An All Around Stuggle

With Sunday’s lost to the Florida Marlins, Cubs reached a season low 20 games under .500. Sometimes statistics can be misleading but this year for the Cubs, numbers explain why the Cubs have the second worst record in the majors. All parts of the Cubs team, pitching, defense and offense, are to blame for the struggles.

Pitching– The Cubs got off to a rough start with their starting rotation with the injuries to Randy Wells and Andrew Cashner. With many fill-in starters the Cubs have the second fewest innings pitched by their starting rotation. The whole pitching staff’s ERA is 4.69 which ranks 2nd worst in the Major leagues and the worst in the National League. Perhaps a reason for such a high ERA is the walks. The Cubs lead baseball with 369 walks issued. That is 40 more walks than the second worst team in that category. And the add to embarrassment, opponents hit .270 againist Cubs pitching which also is a league worse for the Cubs.

Defense– The Cubs have 82 errors which leads the Major leagues. But errors don’t tell the whole story. The Cubs have a lot of mental errors on the field which don’t always show up in the box score. Missed cut-off men, over throws, and take bad angles on fly balls. The Cubs defense in no way helps the horrible pitching staff.

Offense– The Cubs are 3rd in the NL with a .261 batting average. However, the Cubs have drawn the fewest amount of walks in the league. They are in the middle of the pack of the NL in runs and home-runs. However, the Cubs have struggled with runners in scoring position, especially with 2outs.

Even though numbers don’t always tell the story, they definitely tell the story for the Cubs this year.
It won’t get easier for the Cubs as the play the best team in baseball the Philadelphia Phillies tonight.

-All stats acquired for MLB.com